Junior Medical Academy Works With Zimbabwe Science Fair

Junior Medical Academy and Educate Lanka Foundation
September 12, 2017
Pangea Education Becomes JMA’s Newest Ally in Education
October 12, 2017

HARARE, ZIMBABWE — On September 21, 2017, Junior Medical Academy (JMA) began its partnership with Zimbabwe Science Fair (ZSF) to work toward building a Science Fair in Nyaki for students from 100 different schools in 10 different provinces as a platform for the students to explore their interest and passion for science.

Zimbabwe Science Fair, founded by Knowledge Chikundi in 2013, is a Zimbabwe based nonprofit organization that focuses on providing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education to Zimbabwe youth with help from the Zimbabwean Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, teachers, and educational entities. ZSF accomplishes this through implementing a multitude of activities, experiments, and competitions to enrich students’ lives and inspire the students to become involved in innovating and researching to better their own communities and explore future career fields.

Previously, ZSF has created events such as Science Circus Africa, Science Fairs, and Science Buskers Festivals, as shown in the above featured Image. All of which allow a diverse population of students convene to explore science and their own creativity. Many primary and secondary schools have attended various events run by ZSF, leaving with certificates and a larger sense of STEM education.

JMA plans to contribute to ZSF’s noble efforts by providing a set of handcrafted curricula and other instructional materials to help further the educational aspect of ZSF JMA looks forward to furthering the common mission to inspire youth to go into STEM and create the solutions of tomorrow, bettering communities and ensuring that students across different socio-economical backgrounds are able to receive the opportunities that they lack.