Junior Medical Academy Debuts at Local Library and Receives Positive Results

Junior Medical Academy Brings Course to Green Elementary
April 13, 2016

Fremont, CA — On October 28, 2015, Junior Medical Academy’s primary program, Bioreach, debuted at Fremont’s Alameda County Library. After holding a parent meeting to introduce the curriculum, class structure, and the co-founders of the program, there was total turnout of 12 students from neighboring schools ranging from first to sixth grade at the very first class. Some of the represented schools included Weibel, Leitch, and Green elementary schools. Relocating to Green Elementary School on December 16, 2015, Junior Medical Academy completed its sessions at the library with positive responses and commendable results.

The first lesson out of a prepared ten was on the four key categories of molecules that composed of all living organisms, providing the foundation for understanding all other lessons. For approximately 30 minutes, the co-founders presented the powerpoint for biological macromolecules, utilizing humor and analogies to evoke a sense of commonality between the students and the instructors. Putting concepts into easy to understand terms, the students were able to process the material effectively, to enjoy listening to the lectures, and to actively engage with other classmates and the teachers. For the next 20 minutes, the group of students were divided based off of their age into Division A (grades 1-3) and Division B (grades 4-6) to better accommodate the gaps in knowledge and different needs. Finally, jeopardy with questions drawn from the content that was taught and hangman were played to test the knowledge of the students while keeping the environment enjoyable. A similar approach was applied to the later lessons, which featured more interactive games and presentations.

“[...] you guys are doing an excellent job. Zayaan really enjoys the meetings and looks forward to it every Wednesday!!!”

writes Zarmeen Madhani, a participating parent.

The students were able to grasp the concepts particularly quickly and were truly excited to listen, learn, and play. Even the youngest participants were able to understand challenging topics like the characteristics and differences of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. JMA hopes to continue on this route in Green Elementary and in future schools while following their mission to provide free enrichment material to impact the lives of youth through education.