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June 21, 2017
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August 9, 2017

Junior Medical Academy (JMA) is proud to announce the commencement of a partnership with Friends Welfare Association Pakistan, a publicly charitable organization based in Khyber PakhtoonKhawa, Pakistan.

Friends Welfare Association Pakistan intensively works to combat poverty through supplying education, health care support, community development procedures, financial guidance, and leadership incentives to underserved populations in a variety of locations. Friends Welfare Association Pakistan emphasizes the development of women and children to promote gender equality, social tolerance, union, and autonomy in future advancement. Their work has been impactful in these areas where the lack of academic enrollment is an issue and where the high frequency of disaster is a threat. Within the past years, Friends Welfare Association Pakistan has produced many success stories such as young individuals taking action to ensure the accessibility of education, overall increase of student academic enrollment, and the production of new teachers, all of which are results of their process of training volunteers. In addition, Friends Welfare Association Pakistan has programs that deal with empowering women, providing higher education to girls, infrastructural development, and holistic improvement of the schooling system.

Similarly, JMA also emphasizes the importance of providing education to areas of need. JMA’s mission is to have the greatest impact on the most amount of students from underserved communities with the hope of influencing them to pursue STEM-related careers and be the doctors and scientists of tomorrow, while giving them a quality free education and helping them work toward brighter futures. In the partnership, JMA has offered handcrafted curricula that has led to commendable results in past host schools and sites for Friends Welfare Association Pakistan to further enrich the training of youth in remote, underserved, and jeopardized locations. JMA has worked with children in low-income families, tier I schools, and homeless shelters, and hopes to extend the impact of the materials and training that JMA has created. Friends Welfare Association Pakistan is able to reach populations that suffer from far more extreme conditions; and by partnering with Friends Welfare Association Pakistan, JMA will be able to further advance in the pathway to achieve the goal of providing impactful aid to populations that need it the most, while Friends Welfare Association Pakistan will benefit from the educational materials that JMA provides.

Overall, JMA deeply appreciates Friends Welfare Association Pakistan for becoming their newest partner. JMA wishes Friends Welfare Association Pakistan the best in their future initiatives and success in the partnership.

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