JMA Receives $10,000 Monthly Google for Nonprofits Sponsorship

JMA Concludes Second Session At Green Elementary
January 11, 2017
JMA Brings Interactive Biology Course to Brier Elementary
May 26, 2017
Junior Medical Academy (JMA) deeply appreciates Google Adwords for sponsoring us with an annual $120,000 USD grant in advertising. This generous grant will benefit youth across the world as it increases the potential of JMA’s reach to more disadvantaged demographics. In many foreign chapters, a common occurrence and issue is the shortage of people to run the schools or administer the implementation of the program. Thus, although JMA has sufficient materials to impact the lives of many children globally, none of its potential can be realized until JMA receives a stronger support base. The Google Ad Grant will be the catalyst to establishing JMA’s voice and communicating it to many people of interest. Furthermore, Google has also provided JMA with free access to its G-Suite service to better enhance it's internal functionalities.